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Acoustic Interlude: Politics

Acoustic Interlude: Politics

Hey everyone — hope you enjoy my new song, Politics:

"Everybody rise for the gaslight anthem, everything's cool until something happens in your mind; a whole new axe to grind.  Just some paper tigers and the two of us, even dollar bills say In God We Trust — some issues I can't fix, you know I love you but this just feels like politics."

This is a song for all of us who have realized, at some point, that not all disagreements are tendered in good faith; not everybody wants a resolution, or even an honest conflict.  

I'm getting out and about, playing more around the Big Island these days, which is very satisfying, and of course gearing up for the wildland fire season this summer.  My first single, Not My Man, is doing well and I appreciate all the streams, shares, and support more than you can imagine.  My second single, Verdigris, will be available this Friday, 4/15!  Please check them out when you get a chance :) Have a good week, everyone!