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Pour the Wine

Pour the Wine

Hey everyone!  Little late getting this one out — Pour the Wine debuted on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music etc. on May 27th.  Buffy and I traveled to the mainland that day, and we're getting all geared up for fire season trucking.  I had a bunch of MVD/CDL/HAZMAT/TSA junk to do last couple days so we're ready to rock.  What could be better!!  Currently in Phoenix enjoying the dry heat.  So without further ado, here's a SoundCloud link you can enjoy at your leisure:


Apple Music:

Pour the Wine - Single by Hannah Pralle
Album · 2022 · 1 Song

I don't have time to do credit to the artistic credits, but it's the usual suspects being their usual excellent selves — Jeff Lusby, Mikey Seitz, Rich Neville, what's his face on dobro, song and lyrics by me.  

I wrote this song during a winter visit to Rocky Point in Mexico, when it was almost nice enough to be on the beach but not quite.  I wrote it about my ex-husband — I was married somewhat briefly in the late oughts — and I can honestly say we had better hangouts and more honest conversations once we divorced than we'd been able to have at any point prior.  There's something magical about being all the way married-to and divorced-from someone, who you essentially care about, that helps you learn a lot about them, a lot about yourself, and a lot about what really is the path of least resistance in a dynamic, regardless of what we initially want it to look like.  My ex-husband and I have drifted apart last couple years but he's still a great dude, I mean not forever husband material obviously, but him and I think we were always supposed to just be real cool friends.  And to be honest, I've never trusted someone who isn't friends with at least a few of their ex's — I mean, how is that not alarming?  More recent boyfriends have disagreed, but I digress.  

Please pay special attention to the instrumental break in this song, which is only one of two blues-y songs I've ever written — the dobro does some real nice stuff and then the electric guitar comes in like a stinky, salty cowboy banging violently through the swinging doors of a saloon, badly needing a shave — Jeff and I laughed about this forever (Jeff did the guitar solo) — the sheer douch-y effrontery of it.  It's just great, exactly what I wanted.  When Jeff and I listen to this song together, he always makes The Face, during this solo.  The Dirty Lead Guitar Solo Face.  Love it.  I hope you enjoy, and much love to all of you!