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Something Physical

Something Physical

Hey there everyone, it's new single time again!  Here are some links for you.  


Apple Music / iTunes:

Something Physical by Hannah Pralle
Listen to Something Physical by Hannah Pralle on Apple Music. 2022. Duration: 3:38


And, finally, SoundCloud:

Artist credits:

Hannah Pralle: song, lyrics, vocals, harmony vocals, paying for the entire things twice because intital producer messed it up
Jeff Lusby Breault: FIXING the original production problems of an earlier scammy producer who shall not be named, heroic acts of salvage, sound concept, guitars, tracking, mixing, mastering.
Rich Neville: Bass guitar
Mikey Seitz: drums

A few notes about this song:

I wrote it in my head while transporting a Class B truck across a couple states for work in circa ~2016.  The original sound I intended for the song went sideways during a project involving a producer I hadn't worked with before, which necessitated my steady producer, Jeff, working with me to salvage and improve what we could from those tracks, and with good results in all cases.  This particular song, although I'm happy with the outcome as a version, also strikes me as one it would be fun to re-imagine in a future production, more in alignment with what I felt and heard.  However, I've written so ridiculously many songs in the interim, and I feel on the cusp of another burst of that if I'm not careful, that I just don't know when it would make sense to circle back to this one.  So it's hard for me to hear it without also hearing that original inner mismatch, but feedback has been great so far, and it's a very solid song in its own right.  Also, perfectionism is the death of output, so there's that.  

Normally I'm hesitant to get into the emotional meat of my songs because, for one thing, they're an open book.  I'm not one for cryptic lyrics, it's easy to figure out.  This one, though: I have to say, it's not another lemming falling off the same dumb sexual-nonchalance cliff with all the rest of the music.  I'm appalled and amazed by the progressive view on sex.  I'm appalled and amazed by the conservative/religious/dogmatic view on sex.  I feel I was born into Clown World where everyone, everywhere, is missing the point.  

It's so miraculous that we are each these God-animal hybrids.  We each have, in the form of our personal sexuality, which is part and parcel of everything else that we are, STRONG medicine.  Medicine to give, or withhold, to heal or abuse, to help us integrate deeply or to misunderstand; which can act as a means of others controlling us, or us controlling others.  There is nothing more powerful than being aligned within ourselves up to and including our sexuality, and from within that alignment, aligning with another who is internally aligned.  That's a powder-keg right there, for good or ill, and just as difficult to keep all the alignments going at once as to keep a target in the sights of a rifle while breathing.  I guess what I'm saying is, it's always been obvious to me that sex is literally sacred, and our culture's done a great job of causing us to mistake the sacred for either the religious or the profane, and this irritates me personally.  

Anyhoo, this song is not an anthem of stupid sexual nonchalance.  It's saying: a lot of stars have to align for this to be right, and I want those stars to align, and in fact I want to view my entire temporary physical embodiment as not something I have to do, but that I GET to do; and in fact how amazing is it that we all get to be here, in the physical, and no less sacred for it.  

So, sorry for the lecture :)  This is important stuff that life has caused me to think about a lot.  I hope you're all well, enjoying the spring and early summer wherever you are, and most of all I hope you enjoy this new track!